Monday, January 15, 2018

A Brief Respite

A photo from last winter which I'm sure will recreate itself in the next not-very-many weeks. We had light snow and intense cold for about ten days. An unusual start to our winter but in this age of climate change the unusual is expected.  Then we had five or so days of suddenly spring-like temperatures and mild winds -- a delight!  Now it's very cold again, but seasonably so this time. So far the snow has simply been occasional errant flakes.  I'm sure we all expect much more soon.

Our seasons, especially spring, are always very changeable from day to day, week to week. I have learned to try to take notice of what each day is. I don't like the face-freezing winds, I don't like the black ice that surrounds my car in the parking lot. I walk with great caution, this is a time of broken wrists and sprained ankles and more serious injuries and I want none of them. I've written a small poem about our brief respite of thaw.


Unseen crows in full cry
warm, wet fog wraps its wisps
among bare tree tops
a gossamer veil blending
into a skimmed milk sky
ice melts into puddles
hopeful hints of far off spring.
In this temperate latitude
adjustment to fickle weather
is an unchanging fact of life.

1 comment:

barbara judge said...

June -- what an interesting comment on your seasonal weather. Think we must live at the same latitude. I spend much of my comings and goings outside my home evading the dangerous ice. We have had a blustery winter here in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Snow and freezing temps are prevalent still and have been since Nov.

Have not been blogging for what seems like years -- maybe in my future? So much nastiness going on in this country. Considering moving to Canada!

Still taking photos and moving around the country -- just not blogging.

Enjoy your spring -- Barbara