Sunday, February 5, 2017

Turkeys are Taking Over

The wild turkeys are taking over the west end of Hyannis ... probably other parts too ... probably many other places on Cape Cod. 

I stepped out on my tiny patio to go to my car, saw the mob -- errrr, flock -- quickly grabbed my camera.  They took their time marching away but I couldn't get in front of them for the photo I wanted. That's probably the alpha male flaring his fanny at me. I counted 14 and I think they're all in this picture.

My daughter, who lives only a couple of blocks away, said that when she went out early in the morning to drive to her gym they were completely blocking Main Street. When she inched slowly forward she discovered how loudly they could gobble their assertion that the road was theirs and they'd move no faster than they wished.

In my picture they are definitely moving away, but until just a few seconds before I took this picdture the majority were busy pecking in the grass. Here at the beginning of February with small remnants from a snow storm last week, you can see the grass is brown and dry. I can't imagine any bugs were out to nibble on. As I think about it, this must be a hungry time for them.  They are big birds and they need quite a lot of calories to stay warm in the near or sub-freezing temperature. I don't know what they find to eat.  And I suppose many other wild things are also hungry. We have coyotes (I'm told they're abundant but I haven't seen any) which probably prey on the turkeys. Foxes might be their only other enemy but the foxes are said to be small, perhaps not a danger to such big birds.  

When I was small I thought wild turkeys were extinct.  What a come back they have made.


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Throw some bird seed out there June, and they will love you.
They may have escaped from Thanksgiving.

June Calender said...

They might love me but the neighbors would hate me. These birds don't have the right figure of Thanksgiving eating.