Sunday, January 8, 2017

And so it begins ....

This snow-capped mail box and rail was taken early this morning after yesterday afternoon and the overnight blizzard, as it was called by newscasters.  Maybe 10 inches of very fluffy and light white stuff.  The photographer was a fellow poet and email friend from Falmouth which is at the  western end of Cape Cod, Jack De  Benedetto.  We exchange poems and political commiserations, often with a third like-minded friends included in the messages. 

Yesterday was all gray, blowing snow. Rachel andI chose the option of going to a later showing (via video) of the simulcast of Verdi's opera, Nabucco, simulcast from the Met yesterday. Today proved to be brightly sunny.  Much of the snow piled on my car melted and I didn't go out to brush if off until afternoon. As usual with the newspaper delivery when there's snow I did not receive my NYTimes and sloshed over to the convenience store and bought one.  I cannot understand why the paper delivery person didn't get it all day long when the roads and weather were just fine.

The video of Nabucso is an example of the thoughtfulness and general good sense that I find living here on Cape Cod. The small art theatre that shows the simulcasts, sells tickets on line for these events as well as at the door. Hearing the dire forecasts for yesterday afternoon they made the decision to schedule the video, knowing that a large portion of their audience for these showing is older people who do no like to drive in bad weather. They sent an email to everyone who had purchased tickets online offering the opportunity to change dates.  This does not happen in cities. I was looking forward to seeing the opera but was happy not to have to brave the weather. Time and again, I find my heart warmed by the society of the place I've chosen to live.

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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

When checking the different cities and states on my IPHONE, I noticed
you were having quite a bit of snow up there. First thing my husband said
was "June, is getting snow Di" He knows I love snow and we only got 10 mins.
of it. Stay warm.