Monday, October 31, 2016

Annual change underway

When November approaches my days have a new rhythm.  I am up in time to watch the sun rise.  It may be pink or orange or some shades of both. I can drink my coffee and eat my breakfast as I watch the sky change.  The above sky was three days ago. It will never be the same but, except for totally gray mornings as today was, it will always be fascinating colors.

Yesterday was nicely warm after several cool day.  As I walked to the beach for what may be one of the last warm walks of the year, I stopped to smell the roses at a house that has a nice border. The fresh new one had wonderful, true rose scent; the one behind it was withering and will disappear with the next wind and rain.  I am always surprised how hearty some roses are here on the Cape.  Before long the frost and then snow will tell these beauties to sleep until the Prince in the form of spring sun comes to wake them again.


barbara judge said...

Such beauty in your sunrise. A present to all of us if we open our eyes and observe. Great capture of your Halloween sky! -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thank you, Barbara. Every day it's different and photographing at the right time, for an amateur like me, is really a matter of luck. I'm happy when it turns out well.