Friday, July 1, 2016

Picturesque Indiana

This covered bridge has always been one of my favorite landmarks near Versailles, Indiana. Some years my school bus route took me through the bridge both going and coming. I'm happy it has been well maintained.  It is at the entrance to the local state park and I'm sure is often photographed.

The court house is not limestone as I stated previously, it's brick.  But it stands with some dignity on the town square. Our only brush with the civil war, besides sending some soldiers into it, was a pass-through by Morgan's Raiders who cross the Ohio River making a brief foray into Indiana -- gathering some provisions, I believe, and rode back to the border river having done no serious damage.  At a "wide space in the road" town a few farmers gathered to confront the raiders but thought the better of it. The place has since been called Farmer's Retreat. 

I was a bit lazy with my camera and thought that I would not be able to get a meaningful photo of the way the county side has widened -- opened up-- because many small farms have become parts of larger ones and old houses and barns have been torn down.  I could often see, off in the distance, a clutch of new aluminum silos beside the usual barn and house sitting under their big shade trees. Change has come, a couple of farmers from my class now own hundreds of acres (and one leases even more).  Of course they also own (or are in debt for) hundreds of thousands of dollars of farm machinery too.

However, when I sat on my brother's deck reading, I heard more kinds of bird calls than I thear where I live.  I'm afraid all those birds were unable to eat up all the mosquitoes. The nasty  little biters will be bigger and fatter for having had a sip of my blood.  I hope they make a tasty dish for the birds.


barbara judge said...

June -- Sad situation about the small farms disappearing. I feel their disappearance is a scourge upon our country. What will our landscapes be like for our grandchildren? Interesting that you noticed more bird songs at your brothers than at your Cape home. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thanks, Barbara. While the wider panoramas in the countryside had a kind of beauty, I missed the smaller houses and outbuildings.

The difference in bird population is probably due to my living in a town while he lives in the countryside. I was more closely surrounded by big trees there. They certainly were loud birds!