Tuesday, July 19, 2016

In time for the RNC convention

"Tater", my friend Patti's best friend thought about walking in the Barnstable, MASS 4th of July parade  impersonating you-know-who.  In fact Patti felt that was not the best idea (we don't need to go into reasons). 

Tater's is not in full cariature mode because he's keeping his mouth shut -- that's because his own persona is sweet, clever, honest and loving. He really doesn't have it in his heart to carry the  personification beyond the superficial.

Meanwhile I am smugly happy that I am a TV-less person and do not have the craziness of the convention blaring at me several hours a day.

I must say that comb-over is a restrained blond -- no carrot color in it. 

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barbara judge said...

June -- What a fine resemblance to Mr. T!