Thursday, July 28, 2016

Andy Warhol Inspiration

I made this Andy Warhol inspired quilt a few weeks ago.  I wanted to experiment with using ModPodge Transfer medium so I could "print" (really copy) a photo onto fabrics of various colors. I found it workable although I was not happy with everything about how the pictures turned out.

This is the simplest of quilts. Each square was printed individually, I sewed them together, added a layer of fleee as "batting" and a piece of fabric for the back. I sewed it together "pillowcase" fashion and did a narrow row of sewing around the edges.  I have yet to add a  three inch sleeve for hanging to the back.  I think if Andy Warhol were alive today he would find Hillary just as worthy of his multi-picture treatment as ever were Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and far more inspiring than Chairman Mao.

I showed it to a group this morning and one woman who will be volunteering at the local Democratic Party office suggested I make another one or two that could be displayed at the office.  She suggested the simple little quilt could be sold with the proceeds largely going to  presidential campaign. Fine with me, I will make another couple in the next week and let her take them there.  I am happy to donate that much of my time and my quilting ability to what I hope will be the election of the first woman President of the USA. 

I am of the generation of  (formerly) young women who were enlightened and inspired by The Feminine Mystique, by the wave of feminists that immediately followed.  I think it's way past time for us to have a woman in the White House and it's clear to me that Hillary has the background, the smarts, the prestige in the international community to be the best President we could possibly elect at this time in our very needy history. 


barbara judge said...

June -- The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan was a favorite of mine back in the past -- we now are in the future. The future of women that is. I am so excited that Hilary has become our Democratic nominee. Excited from the standpoint of what it means to the overall hearts of women. It is the flame of women being recognized as equal in our society that I am truly excited about.

Your quilt is wonderful. Someday you can pass it down to your granddaughter as a historical marker. Great idea to make the quilts and sell them for the presidential campaign. They are historic now and into the future. -- barbara

Check out this Buzz Feed about Women and the election:

June Calender said...

Thanks for the link to Buzz Feed. I haven't been to that site before.

I recognize some of the "two-steps forward, one step back" feeling with feminism -- the reaction against Hillary by people I would think should be thrilled to have a woman running for President. We see it in the civil rights movement, not solved, people still trying to stop black people from voting... Truly becoming civilized takes such a long, long time.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I love your work all the time except for subject on this one.

June Calender said...

Dy-- you are lucky you don't live near-by. I'd talk you deaf on the subject. Although lately I've been known to bite my tongue.