Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ah, Spring!

I looked up yesterday an there they were: Mama, Papa and the fuzzy septuplets.  The day before I saw five adults on the lawn, today not a single goose. But yesterday's visitation was delightful. When they decided to leave they lined up neatly, Mama (maybe it was Papa) in front, the family all in a row and Papa (or maybe Mama) bringing up the rear. They are totally unfazed by cars, they cross the relatively busy street with total confidence and, so far, they have been unharmed.  Just beyond the commercial buildings across the road is a kettle pond (of which there are many, many, many on Cape Cod). I believe the nest is somewhere over there.  Probably the population on the yard will be much enlarged in a few weeks.


barbara judge said...

June -- Happy summer! Your ducks are striking as they parade across your yard. Does your public works folks put up signage near the road to warn vehicles to slow down, "Duck Crossing." I hope so. My daughter and another man from another car jumped out into a busy road to save a family of geese from getting hit. Could have been a sad sight but my daughter and the unknown man just put up their hands to the oncoming cars and stopped the traffic until they all got across safely. Whew -- glad of that. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thanks, Barbara -- actually these are geese. We have no signs anywhere that I know of about wildlife crossings. We have many wild turkeys, I've even seen a flock crossing the road at an intersection of a busy local road and the exit from our one highway. So far I've heard of no collisions with turkeys (or baby geese or ducks) and only very rarely do I hear about someone hitting a deer on the highway. Traffic is supposed to be relatively slow but we all know that people drive pretty fast. My grandson-in-law told me of being stopped for about 15 minutes while he counted over 30 turkeys in one flock crossing a two-way road -- long lines of traffic from both directions stopped.