Friday, February 5, 2016

Too good not to share

January brought us one baby blizzard and several days of unexpectedly warm weather.  The warm weather brought a lot of melted snow ... and made puddles, lots of puddles.  Her Mommy just sent me this picture of Stella -- less than week into her third year -- enjoying the weather and especially the PUDDLE!

I find myself in the midst of a great many grandmothers (actually Stella is my great-granddaughter) -- it seems every few days I get a note from one friend or another about spending time with her new or new-ish grandchildren.  It's one of those life-phases.  They flip through photos on their smart phone to show me their darlings.  I have a cell but not a smart one. I could take photos but I don't so I'm especially delighted when I receive an emailed a photo like this.

By the way -- we're in for another mini (I hope) blizzard in six hours or so. Tis the season. 


Kass said...

Wonderful photo! It's great to be reminded of the natural joy children have.

June Calender said...

Thanks, Kass, yes, I thought the picture captured that feeling -- made me want to splash in a puddle.

barbara judge said...

Children seem to always be smitten by a water puddle. The excitement on your great-granddaughter's face expresses it all. She is a sweetie. -- barbara

June Calender said...

WE had lots of snowmelt yesterday and I really would have loved to splash around. Thanks, Barbara

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Absolutely adorable. Red-head??
Got the poem and as usual loved it. There is an advertisement on TV (I know you do not own a TV)with a grandmother and her two grandkids jumping in puddles because it was raining out and they couldn't go bike riding. All three jumping with raincoats and boots on and your poem reminded me along with the photo of that commercial. Have no idea what it advertised but it was well done.