Monday, February 8, 2016

Another this Morning

Maybe because I'm looking out at more snow blowing across the lawn and beginning to accumulate, but this photo taken Saturday morning after overnight snow is the coldest looking photo I've ever taken. That weak sun that was just rising   did become stronger during the day. We're told that the sun might not appear until tomorrow and we could have 12 to 18 inches!  I have a few four-lettered words to say about that. 

I think it's going to ruin my plans for the week with a "party" to celebrate the publication of an anthology I and a committee of six have worked hard on for 7 or 8  months.  There's nothing to do but wait and see, of course. 

Seems like a good day -- unless there's a power outage -- to get a quilt finished. In fact even if that happens I have a UFO (unfinished object) quilt that needs hand finishing so no idle hands here. Of course there is plenty of reading  material, sufficient tea bags and food in the house.  I cannot feel sorry for myself when I remember millions of refugees in camps in Europe with  no comforts.

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barbara judge said...

Snow is beautiful when viewed inside from the warmth of our home -- as least I think so. Nice photo -- barbara