Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Week of Un-winter Weather

For some reason I can't make a photo load and I have some lovely sunrise photos -- the weather has been in the 40s going up almost to 60 on Sunday. Unseasonable for Janaury but no one seems to be complaining although I don't know any skiers. 

I heard a forecast a month or so ago saying that El Nino would make the southern and central part of the US colder and snowier than usual while New England would be warmer than usual. So far that seems to be true. We had our sort of mini-blizzard ten days ago and there are still dirty piles of snow along the edges of parking lots. But this is very fine as far as I'm concerned. 

I'll try once more for a photo --

I especially like winter mornings because it's dark when I get up but as I eat breakfast I see the sky turn light and sometimes very orange.  This photo is later in the morning with those interesting cloud looking like cultivated rows in the garden waiting for something to be planted -- at least that's my impression.

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