Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yes, it snowed!

We got a share, happily not a humongous share of the big blizzard of the weekend.  It was pretty, it's becoming less pretty now, as happens -- a good thing, meaning it's melting.  The stuff came down only for for a few hours. I saw it begin about noon on Saturday and it had totally ended when I gazed out the window about 7:00.  Officially, I think we had a foot in Hyannis, other parts of the Cape (we have many mini-climates here) got as mjuch as 17 inches or as little as three.

To my surprise the NYTimes Sunday paper was delivered, a bit late, but I was surprised it was delivered at all. I walked the two blocks to my daughter's house for a family dinner, there was no place to park anyway and I always walk anyway.  I did not go out to clean off my car until the bright sun yesterday had entirely melted the snow from the south-facing side of the car. But it was heavy snow -- very heavy.  It slid in great chunks off the car.  Then I had to shovel just around the sides.  Not a big area at all but again, MY! it was heavy. I expected sore shoulders and stiff back for today but I'm just fine. Probably the therapy of a long soak in a very hot bath helped. So did the strengthening weight lifting exercises I've been doing ... oh, just little 3-pound weights, one in each hand, a simple routine.  But I think it paid off. 

Today the roads are all clear, the parking lot is too, although there are mountain ranges of snow piles around the sides.  But the temperature is predicted to reach 50 this afternoon and then rain will fall and snow will disappear.  This is the first of winter, of course. There will be more. Those of us who claim we want to live with four seasons cannot complain loudly about such a snow. Those farther south who got the brunt of the blizzard, yes, they have legitimate complaints.


barbara judge said...

June -- Being originally from Michigan I love to see the lovely snow fall. Of course if one has to drive to work it can receive many not so good names. But a retiree has the privilege of remaining inside all warm and cozy watching the beauty of snow. What a plus for retirees. -- barbara

June Calender said...

I totally agree, Barbara -- it was a luxury to spend Sunday not worrying about shoveling myself out. I appreciate the coziness of being in and looking out at all the beautiful white stuff. As I write it has be disappearing all day.