Saturday, October 10, 2015

Purely October

Petrified monster?  How could I not see this fallen, ruined, rotting piece of a tree trunk as an unknown species of monster, possibly related to alligators -- some kind of dragon?

The days of my lovely seaside morning walks are mostly gone -- I think I'll manage a couple more this weekend. (We are promised some 60-ish days) When it's too cool and very much too windy to walk on the beach I can go to near-by Hathaway's Pond which is a very nice size large pond or small lake that has a comfortable and slightly challenging walk around it.  There are uphill bits and then downhill bits; and stray outcrops of rocks to stumble on.  It's a good place to walk with my beloved trekking pole. Damp leaves can be slippery  and so can some of the slopes.

It's beautiful, entirely wooded but always with the glint of water off to the right through the branches -- when I walk clockwise.  And I always walk clockwise having trekked in the Himalayas where blessings come from walking clockwise around cairns and chortens and only wizards (of the dangerous sort) walk counterclockwise.  I was delighted to see this monster guarding the path. He wanted his photo taken and I thought that odd mouth of his smiled a little bit.  I'll be checking up on the state of his health over the next several months when winter comes and possibly does him some damage. Walking this wooded park area is far more satisfying than walking the very domesticated streets just beyond my door although those will be walked a good bit too, since I don't need to drive there and they won't be muddy after the usual autumn rains.


barbara judge said...

He truly does look like a reptile of some sort -- but I think he looks friendly. Nice that you have good walking spots and a trekking stick. My dog walks me. That is what dogs are for really -- to keep their human friends moving. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thanks, Barbara. Often I wish I had a dog but pets are not allowed in my apartment building. I'd welcome the necessity of daily walks and the companionship.