Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Ghost Story

Persistence pays -- well, it doesn't pay in money, not if you're a writer like I am.  But it pays with publications eventually.  I've been persistent the whole year and most of last year too. I've had three short stories and one flash fictionand half a dozen poems published in small literary journals, most of them online only, all this year.  It's not a new career for me, but at last it's become easy to submit to  most of the many little journals -- without the SASEs and copies and all that.  The internet has been my friend.

Yesterday I got a note saying my one and only ghost story is in print in a new journal called Sediments which has "hauntings" as the theme of it's first issue.  My one and only ghost story, written about five years ago, since then having garanered a number of rejections, has been published in this journal and can be read on line. It's called "Fog." Click the link that follows, then click "Fog" on the index page.

click here

What makes this most satisfying to me is that absolutely all of it is fiction.  I have driven in dense fog but not under these circumstances.      


Kass said...

Yikes, June. This all came from your imagination?! It seemed real. I didn't know you were a playwright. Is June Calendar a pseudonym?

barbara judge said...

June -- Your writing credentials are fantastic. Fog is quite a story. A good one for this time of year. There was lots of suspense! Congratulations on your articles that you have had published since you have retired. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thanks,Kass and Barbara. My names sounds like a pseudonym (I"\'ve often thought it might belong to a burlesque queen) but it's my mother's own invention. More memorable than my married name so I use it. I'm glad you both enjoyed the story. Frankly, I enjoyed writing it and even more knowing it's in print.