Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Snow Scene

You know those ads for fancy ski resorts where a lovely young woman lies on a chaise in the snow, clad but obviously sunbathing in the brilliant snow while looking toward the mountain slopes?  I think that's what these Canadian geese are doing.  Soaking up the reflected rays while the person on the right is digging out his or her car which looks like a small mountain there.  This may be -- I hope will be -- the last snow picture of the year.  The day I took this picture my car was much like the one in the picture. When I went out to get my snow brush to tackle the inches burying my car, I found I could not even get into the car to retrieve the brush -- beneath the snow the car was encased in ice and I could not pull the door open although I heard it unlock.  So I brushed off what snow I could with hands and outstretched arm, went into the house and hung my clothes up to dry and then took my cue from the geese.  I waited for the sun to do its work.  Three hours later most of the snow was falling off the car and the ice had melted. Inside the car was reasonably warm, probably in the high 40s or low 50s.  Such is March in New England this winter.


barbara judge said...

June -- funny situation. Learning from mother nature is always a win for her. In addition to Mother Nature helping with your lock a hair blower always does the trick when a lock freezes. -- barbara

June Calender said...

That's good advice Barbara, but my car is in a parking lot, very far from any outlet. Mother Nature deserve all the respect we can give her!