Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Truly Winter

"Cold snap" sounds brief, and maybe in the long  run that's how I'll feel about it. Right now I'm not happy about the hard cold and it seems interminable. I got my car dug out and the subsequent precipitation did not block it so I can't complain about that. But when  I'm very chilly I DO complain.  

The phenomenon that I most notice the last few days is the brilliance of the white snow and the light in the sky. When it's truly sunny, I sit here at my computer unable to see the screen (I face the snow outside a big window) without putting on a sun hat (I know, it's ridiculous but sun glasses don't do the trick) to shade my eyes. I'm happy to have the sun -- no complaint there -- sun perks up my mood wonderfully. I move faster, think faster and just feel happier.

I realized the last couple of nights, although the moon is now waning, its light on the snow also is powerful. I usually pull bedroom shades only part way down since there is a forsythia bush just outside and I feel sufficiently private. But at 3:00-ish the last few nights I've woke up amazed how light it is in the bedroom.  I guess I'll try pulling the shades down completely tonight. 

So far we've had dry snow, not the kind to cling to trees and bushes and make wonderful patterns. The bare limbs remain bare. They are not in danger of breaking from the burden but they seem desolate. I stay in, looking out and drinking more hot coffee than usual and craving (and having) soup for lunch. I become very aware the effect of the weather, sky, and temperature on body and mind.


Jonas said...

"The phenomenon that I most notice the last few days is the brilliance of the white snow and the light in the sky." I'm with you on that.

Here in the Chicago area, we just had ourselves a righteous snow storm. Pretty much buried everything under more than a foot of snow. Afterwards? The clouds moved on (towards you). The sun shined brightly in a brilliant blue sky. The resulting landscape? Too beautiful to describe.

June Calender said...

Thanks, Jonas, that's exactly what I mean!

Lynn Guardino said...

I agree with you on the beauty of the snow, especially here in our small New England towns. A ride to Harwich the other day was a special treat with a blue sky, white snow, and the antique homes that were along the way - white with black shutters, lots of red doors. It's too bad that the scene is set by a snowfall that has caused so many inconveniences. I've heard from so many others about the cooking and baking. We're hibernating quite efficiently.

June Calender said...

I agree, Lynn, both about the beauty and that, despite the kind of lives people live today where weather is not a consideration,many of us (including retirees) instinctively have hibernating impulses that include things like hot soup and tea and early to be nights.