Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First snow of the winter

Mere overnight dustings that are gone before noon don't count as real snow. That's all we've had until last night. The warnings were for a blizzard named Juno -- since when did they start naming blizzards?  I've missed something.  I was not really convinced. 24 hours later I am convinced. This was a blizzard, it blew all  night and all day. Often I could not see across the street. The blowing is confusing because a lot of what is blowing has already fallen and is not adding to the accumulation  I think by now it's 12 to 15 inches.  Happily the blowing kind of storm sweeps the snow off the cars -- the top, the hood, the windshield. But it allows some drifts to accumulate between parked cars. I don't intend to survey the situation until at least tomorrow afternoon when it is supposed to be sunny.  I don't really need to go anywhere until Friday so I can be relaxed about the whole thing.

I was very relaxed until about a quarter of four when the electricity went out.  Oh-oh, it was getting a bit dark and I thought having something for dinner is no problem except it won't end with hot coffee. But after dinner I'm in limbo because I cannot read by mere candle light. I can do a little writing in long hand -- but am so unaccustomed to doing that that about all I'd dare try to write would be a poem and I had not sense of a poem coming on.  So I'd do some very slow tai chi and go to bed quite early.  I was accustoming myself to that plan while being hopeful. Then hope was fulfilled about 4:30 when the electricity came back on. I did have hot coffee at the end of a warm dinner.  And it's still on and I'm hoping for it to last.  When I was in the post office yesterday as the snow was just beginning, the pleasant clerk said to me as I was leaving, "may power be with you."  This wasn't about sci-fi. 

Photo above is from last year. Perhaps tomorrow will be clear enough so I can take a walk in cliched "winter wonderland" and get some up to date photos. We'll see, for now, I'm going to get into cozy PJs and settle down with a throw over my lap and the current book in my hand.  I know just where the candle and matches are and where the little flash light is too. Eventually both will be on the bedside table.

I wonder when they started naming blizzards. This one being called Juno it must have been nine storms again, unless they're suddenly very random or following the Roman pantheon instead of the alphabet.


barbara judge said...

Oh you know how to weather a storm. PJs and some light, wrapped in a throw. Sounds cozy. I think that is why I like storms (if I am not out in them) --I can settle in and get cozy doing what I want to do and be entertained by nature at work. -- barbara

June Calender said...

We're in agreement, as long as we have heat and light.

Kass said...

Such a warm, descriptive post (amidst the outside cold). Enjoyed reading it.

June Calender said...