Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice

The first day of winter. The death, now the dawn. 
The longest night has passed. The Sun is reborn in Capricorn. 
At 7: 30 this morning I could just see the sun beginning to rise orange in the southeast.  The first day of summer and hereafter the days will begin to get longer, although that won't be obvious  for a couple of weeks.  As the poem above says, "the longest night has passed, the sun is reborn in Capricorn).  

We are children of the Earth, of the weather, of where we are.   The solstice is an earth-wide phenomenon, but is different part of the world, of course.  Being in touch with the earthly events that are regular and are far older, far larger, far more important than our little concerns  is important.   How many stop to think about the turning of the seasons?

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