Sunday, December 7, 2014

Styles really bug me


I was probably 12 or 13 when I discovered women's fashion magazines. I've been hooked ever since.  Even now when all the models are far, far younger than I, I look at the pictures both of the fashions and of the hairstyles. In the last several years I've been horrified by the very high, spiky heels that I wouldn't even think of wearing -- what are men designers trying to do to women?  Give them the illusion of being taller than many men while crippling them, ruining their feet, making running impossible -- is that a sneaky, down right nefarious thing to do to women? Why are they putting up with it?

I've been pleased to see that skirt lengths are arbitrary. Women have choices for skirts from ones that barely cover the buttocks to ones that sweep the street. Good. I see a lot of long skirts these days and not so very many short ones except in the summer when it makes sense. I'm noteing that practically all dresses, blouses and sweater have low necklines or are unfastened way down to there and everyone in the magazines seems not to need  or simply not to wear (bras). Well, I guess that's all right but I'm very certain bra sales have not dipped appreciably, at least among those who are over, say, 25.

Today I'm thinking about hair because I saw an article in the style section of today's newspaper saying that a messy, loose single braid of hair is THE look to wear with formal gowns to parties this coming season. You gotta be kidding! I thought. The hair was even messier than the top right and bottom left dos in the picture I've added here. I know too that very straight hair is in style and women are using straightening irons. (I have a long enough memory to think "been there.") Straight hair is not particularly attractive and does nothing to flatter most faces. Messy hair, like the bottom left picture, simply looks like she doesn't care and suggests--which may be the purpose--that she just got out of bed and stuck some kind of clip in her hair.

At the moment I'm unhappy with my hair and dithering about whether to get it cut or let it grow some more. I've always disliked the cliche that older women with gray hair should keep it short. Yet short is easy and usually attractive. But cliches suggest all these women are slaves to fashion. However the older women I know may be more slaves to their salons and stylists than to fashion themselves. Most of us are by no means slaves to fashion otherwise. We've discovered the kind of  clothes we are comfortable in and that fit our lifestyle -- which is largely casual as most of my contemporaries are retired.

That brings up another subject I'll touch only lightly. The women I see (and this is Cape Cod, not a fashion center at all!! very New England) are often in jeans and fleece, certainly this time of year. Me too. I never would have imagined I'd have a wardrobe of jeans at this age but I do and I'm comfortable. Fleece is a wonderful textile invention for these temperate climates. I'm very fond of some species of fleece. Unlike a great many of my contemporaries I draw the line at sneakers. I'm fond of moccasin style flat shoes and only wear sneakers for serious walking. For many older women sneakers are their every day wear. Fine, and many of them have foot and knee problems which makes sneakers a good choice -- far more attractive (well, let's say interesting) than those awful old lady shoes of my mother's day.  My feet and knees have held up well, so I don't NEED sneakers.

Well, that's it for my run down of the current fashions. I'll leave the matter of skin care and make up for some other time. And I have no idea what I'm going to do about my hair, but I do know that the messy styles simple make me feel slovenly. I'm not turning in my comb and brush  -- ever!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I pretty much agree with everything you said..Men!! My husband would be happy if I still wore those spike heals, which I often did back in the 80s/90s. He LOVEs long straight hair with bangs too.

Now look at your picture on the bottom left. Some soccer star wears a headband and my 17 year old grandson does too now. I cringe.

I NEVER wore sweats or sneakers. But since I retired I live in Yoga pants or sweats depending on the temp and YAY that mocs are the big fad in my area. I must admit that often times I pull my hair up and clip it and it does look rather messy, but at least it's in style.
xx, Carol

June Calender said...

Thanks for your comment, Carol. We can relax about our style when we don't have to go to work every day. Your hair is marvelous in your blog picture.

barbara judge said...

June -- I discovered dressing for comfort many years ago and have continued to do so since. I really don't follow fashion. I have shopped at thrift shops for years looking for quality in the fabrics of clothing. Especially look for American made comfort clothes at the thrifts. Cannot tolerate the the Asian imported quality-less clothing. We should all dress for comfort -- some companies now have that policy -- such as computer companies. -- barbara

June Calender said...

I totally agree we should dress for comfort. And I, too, look through the very large Goodwill near me for American brands with good quality fabrics. Happily Cape Cod is a prime hunting ground for lightly used brands like L.L.Bean, Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, and so on. My favorite is Chicos which has Asian made tops and pants but apparently controls both quality and styling and uses colors I like.