Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Stella's Zen

I have been meditating on the picture of Stella and wrote a poem that I will take to my poetry class today.  I'll be interested in the reaction -- which may very likely be no reaction because most people write less wonderingly, more descriptively about nature and every day life.

            Stella’s Zen

Hours, days, months, years
students of Zen practice to learn
the secret of emptying the mind
of thoughts, attaining pure

At eighteen months Stella
has pure perception:
warm sand, cool breeze, bare feet.
 Children are not mind-less
even with few words.
Is that Zen’s mind – full – ness?

How does an adult live
with a mind full of pure
perception? Surely our
thought-full minds
have other tasks
if we are to live


barbara judge said...

Very introspective June -- barbara

June Calender said...

Questions that bother me. thanks for the comment.

Kass said...

I like your poem. It would be wonderful if we could return to childlike simple wonder.