Monday, December 8, 2014

Music keeps her young

I've had the pleasure of an email correspondence with a multitalented woman -- an American who happens to be married to a Swedish man and lives in Sweden.  She is the most prolific poet I've ever met (virtually or in the flesh)  -- thoughts flow from her pen day after day and it's got to be poetry rather than some other genre because she is as much a musician as a poet. I think the music came first -- back in her teenage years. 

Arlene Corwin is a jazz musician as well as a poet and, in fact, actively engages a life that seems almost pure creativity.  She recently turned 80 and gave a concert.  You can see by clicking here.  This is a wonderful musician or what? I'm sure it's her music and her poetry and her beloved husband that keeps her so young and beautiful and vital.  I'm very much in favor of music in one's life -- whatever music gives you the most pleasure.


Lynn Guardino said...

I want to be her when I grow up!!

Kass said...

I just viewed her on YouTube. She's fabulous.

barbara judge said...

What a talented and beautiful woman -- really enjoyed her video! -- barbarasdslf