Friday, September 5, 2014

Under the pergola

I wish I'd taken my camera yesterday.  Sitting under the pergola at the Chat House restaurant in Dennis with 7 other women a perfect way to spend a late summer afternoon.  That pergola, unlike the one in the builder's selections here, was against the buiding and covered with vines.  Beyond it was a perfect little patio with four or five tables.  We had our own tables and chairs, coffee and pastry or lunch for those who hadn't eaten.   Our gathering was not purposeless.

The sun was perfect, the shade was perfect, the group was entirely enjoyable -- we even began a discussion with the topic "fall" with a basket full of heavenly smelling grapes  that we could imagine had grown on that pergola over our heads (except, it's greenery was flowery and not grape-y).  This group  began meeting at the Chat House over a year ago and eventually  began calling ourselves "the Chatererers", of course that's a name that befits a gaggle of women.

But it is not  purposeless group.  Members were gathered (and new potential members arrive often) by Lynn who is people gatherer, a catalyst.  Everyone makes something, or several kinds of somehting. Lynn does collage, we have a couple of painters, a jewelry maker, a floral arranger, a weaver,  a pedagogue who can be  far more entertaining than that term suggests and me, usually writing something or  quiting something.  Our donor of grapes brought a painting as well. So we talk about our creations and just keep on talking and laughing and sharing and constantly getting to know one another better. At this age, major careers and family raising duties are behind us. We explore in a very relaxed way, who we have become ...  people who have found creative ways to express ourselves.  I find vivacity as well as wonderful relaxation under the pergola.


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

With all the people in your life I am sure you will live to be at least 100. Friendships mean a lot even if via snail mail.

June Calender said...

You're very righ, Diane -- snail mail and email both expand my friendships and I'm delighted about it.

barbara judge said...

June -- Your group is surely a lively one -- so wonderful that you are getting to know each other so well. Friendships new and old, no matter your age, keep us well and interested in life. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thanks, Barbara. when people share their creative efforts they reveal their inner depth that no everyone gets to see. I'm very lucky to know these women.