Friday, September 12, 2014

At This Age, One Worries

In the spring I saw the name of a friend I haven't seen for a few years on the cover of a magazine. I read the article about her and looked at the photos of her art work which were in her  familiar style.  I cannot put a picture of her work here without her  permission but here is a link you can click
I could not imagine she would not respond with a brief note or something because she's that kind of person.  But time went by. Now and then I remembered her and thought ... Oh, dear. We are both in our 70s, things happen to people.  But if she were very sick or dead surely her husband would at least respond with a brief note -- if my note were somewhere that seemed to be unanswered.  I hated the thought that I might not know.

Yesterday the voice on the telephone was unmistakeable her.  She was sorry not to answer sooner.  We talked a good while, she is working as always.  The link above takes you to a wonderful gallery of her fairly recent work -- they are all marvelous mandalas.  Just beautiful and so in keeping with who she is, a person whose work was always complexly metaphorical and yet truly accessible.  I am so happy she is still with us and sounds healthy and happy and making the art that flows out of some deep place inside her.  It's wonderful simply to know we are in the same world as certain other people. 

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