Monday, July 28, 2014

Sold Out Showing of Boyhood

This film is being hyped big time, and I don't even watch TV but I knew about it.  So did a LOT of other people who totally filled the Cape Cinema yesterday afternoon, even it's tiny balcony was opened and used.  Given it was a rainy Sunday afternoon and a lot of people who might have been out on the beach or golfing, or sailing, or barbecuing decided to come to the movie. 

I expected something more documentary and less a scripted movie with a story that seemed like too many families -- which I suppose was part of the point.  It was very well done, the acting was fine, the aging boy was totally believable at all  points, as was his sister, who in the final scenes was the real sister.

I think everyone knows that director Richard Linklater followed his son's life from 6 to high school graduation; although it was clearly scripted there was a sense of authenticity.  The audience liked it and I heard a variety of "we should talk about this movie" comments.

I'm a bit of a Scrooge.  I mostly don't like kiddy movies or books, if says, "coming of age" on the cover or blurb, I don't buy it. Frankly my own adolescence and teen years are such ancient history I don't relate on a gut leverl -- anyway life for these kids is light years different.  And even though I had two children who went through those stages, most of that is light years different too.  I'm not sorry I spent three hours yesterday watching it because I'll be able to contribute to conversations that are bound to pop up.  But if I'd obeyed my first impluse which was to skip it -- I might have it weren't such a gray, gloomy day -- I wouldn't have missed anything that moved me.


Lynn Guardino said...

You have become my cinematic barometer June. I was on the fence as I often find myself and not too sure I will take this one in. Oh, I could have predicted that packed house at the cinema on Sunday. Can't wait to get our Cape back to ourselves although that theater is always a mecca. Thanks for a great review again.

barbara judge said...

Like your critique. Hadn't heard all the hoop-la about the movie but from your words I too will skip it. thanks -- barbara

barbara judge said...
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