Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jamie Wyeth show at Boston's Museum of Fine Art

Rachel and I went to the Museum of Fine Art today in Boston, to see the show of 114 paintings by Jamie Wyeth.  I've seen  a couple of shows of his father, Andrew's work, and was eager to see this show. I was not disappointment. Many of the paintings are quintessentially Maine, some are fine portraits, many of animals or landscapes. One called the "Hay Bale" was so simply what it was we were not surprised to read in the note that he had spent a month dealing with that one bale of hay.

The picture here is one of a series we saw of the Seven Deadly Sins (which sin, here, I'm not sure). There were many people at the show and I didn't want to stand in front of the info plaque on the wall long enough to get clear which of seven paintings of gulls described which sin. It's clear he has been a close observer of gulls

The exhibit was crowded in two senses: many people were there and the pictures seemed to be crowded uncomfortably close in the rooms allotted to them. I would have liked a little more space between paintings. It was, nevertheless, a fascinating show and a Google search just now has convinced me it is only a mere sample of the work he has done. 

We were  especially fascinated by a video that showed him painting a large piece which was also on exhibit which I think was called "the Inferno". It was painted on cardboard as many pieces were.  He used his fingers more often than a paint brush.  I wish we could have watched it and compared it to the finished painting over a half an hour instead of five minutes. What a family the Wyeths are!  I very, very much enjoyed the works, mostly drawings, by Jamie's father Andrew.  And Rachel has a book that includes many book illustrations done by Andrew's father, N.C.  And we both were curious about the aunt who was Jamie's first teacher, a fine artist herself. It was very much worth dealing with the heavy traffic going and coming.


Kass said...

Interesting post. I enjoy his work and was interested to learn about the use of fingers in his painting.

June Calender said...

Thanks, Kass. I wish you could see the video, it was fascinating.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Squawking one of the sins you think?

June Calender said...

Squawking is usually bullying, isn't it? I guess that's pride. Or maybe it's simply noise pollution.