Sunday, June 22, 2014

Small Town Post Office

Because I belong to Swap-bot and mail quite a few letters -- and quite a few of them to Australia or Europe -- and also quite a few packages, I may go to a post office more frequently than many people do.  I have a choice (as too many business remind us in their ads), I can to go the "big" (relatively speaking) post office in the center of Hyannis -- and I frequently do.  I like the clerks there but toward midday there's often a line.  Or I can come to this small post office (about the same distance from where I live). I like the clerks here too although it took nearly a year of being friendly for the man who's there to begin to smile whereas the woman who's less often there has always been friendly.  This post office looks like a Cape Cod cottage, it is shingled like so many houses here and is trimmed with white and is graced with flowers.  What more could anyone want?  I know from comments on the Swap-bot site that not all swappers have such congenial mailing experiences. 


barbara cecelia said...

That is the best looking post office I have ever seen. Positively inviting. I remember two post offices that had extra friendly clerks -- one in Northern Michigan and one in KY. Most seem all business. Nice photo. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thank, Barbara. I really enjoy going to this post office.

Bev Sykes said...

I'd love to have a choice. All the "friendly" clerks are gone and what's left are cranky, overworked clerks without an ounce of humorl