Saturday, June 28, 2014

Black Box and Spaghetti

Most of us who have DSL internet service have a black box of some sort and a mess of wires like spilled spaghetti.  This is a bit neater than it was 24 hours ago.  I had to replace my modem (the black box)  and did not have to entirely loosen the new sets of wires so it's almost obvious what goes where.  The previous mess of spaghetti was carefully untangled from the new and will soon be disposed of.

I've lived from the big clunky typewriter era to the slow, clunky computer era to today and I'm still capable of considerable amazement at the internet world.  I am by no means the sophisticated and addicted user most people half my are. But the reach of what I can access on the internet astounds me.  Prior to that gape-mouthed state of wonder is the amazement that I could call Verizon, get in touch with a techy person  -- with no more than about 10 minutes on hold (the music was horrible!) and then a young woman somewhere apparently in the United States (at least by her accent though I understand she could  have been anywhere in the world), was able to tell me what to disconnect, what to connect and where. She had angelic patience as I untangled the old wires and when I accidentally unplugged the telephone (yes, folks, I still use a land line). Then she brought up on my screen, seemingly before I was really connected, screens into which I had to type the number on the black box and check this and click  that and wait for red lights to turn green and so on and so forth.  And IT WORKED! I am using the internet and it's not telling me to wait and all is well. Wonders never cease.

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