Thursday, May 29, 2014

short -- flip-flop -- rain coat, sweater?

One doesn't know what to expect day to day.  Wednesday was "summer", yesterday could have been March, rain, chilly wind.  Flip-flops, not only on my feet, but a word for the weather day to day. Again the sun is bright, again. Last evening when I settled down to read I wrapped myself in a warm throw.

We have to get used to the changes, day to day, year to year, all over the Earth. We are at the lucky (a questionable word) beginning of it, our great-grandchildren will have much worse to contend with, just what ...?  I don't really want to think about it. This is going to be one very, very difficult century.  The previous century was difficult and very horrible -- one war and then another and another and worse weapons and so on and so on. I am not a Cassandra and cannot see the specifics ahead but I read enough to know that it is not good.

Today I read a headline, "The Word is Eating Itself to Death." The "epidemic" of obesity is astonishing and I was astonished to read that England is the fattest country in the world. American is not far behind. Strangely the traditionally very poor and undernourished India is up there in the highest bracket. China is not far behind.  All the rest of the world is literally weighing in. We eat too much and too much of it is in the form of bad calories, fat and sugar.  And fat brings disease, diabetes, heart disease, pancreatic cancer, also join problems from having to bear all that extra weight.  It goes on and one. It's BAD.  That is only one of many the problems.  

A very large friend of mine needed a ride the other day.  She did not put on the seat belt -- she never does, it's uncomfortable for her -- but the car's warning keep ringing until finally she did put on the seat belt.  I'm sure many other overweight  people don't use seatbelats -- they too will be in auto accidents... one problem leads to another.

I could ramble on and on about the problems we as the population of the USA or of "first countries" or of the troubled planet face. The problems are overwhelming ... as for me, this morning at the end of May, the sun is shining and I will put on my flipflops and go walk on the beautiful beach and breathe deeply of the relatively fresh and clean air from the ocean and turn my thoughts to smaller concerns.


barbara cecelia said...

I have the same concerns as you do especially for the generations ahead. Populations are increasing all over the world which I believe is the major problem. These populations consume which adds to problems in our world's environment as it usually involves toxic materials. And on and on I can go. I know you are very aware of this. It takes people talking about it time and again to possibly find a way to decrease all this madness. I find we create fortresses against this peril to try to live "normally." -- barbara

June Calender said...

Your fortress idea seems very true to me, Barbara. It's probably necessary psychologically but some natural instincts can be ultimately destructive. Thanks for the comment.

Lynn Guardino said...

We're on the same page June!

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