Monday, April 28, 2014

On My Way, Catherine Deneuve

Spur of the moment, I noticed that a French film, On My Way, (in English -- what it is in French I don't know), starring CatherineDeneuve was playing at the Cape Cinema only at 4:00 .  So I went because I'm a Deneuve fan.  This road trip movie written and directed by Emmanuelle Bercot has all the characteristics I love about small-ish French films: a complex main character with a complex past and present, a kid (her grandson) who is difficult, complex and open, lovers and ex-lovers and an involvement with life that most American main characters don't have. Deneurve is very beautiful, of course (but not in the too pretty-perfect Julie Christie was in the Alzheimer's movie I saw a couple weeks ago). She had been Miss Brittany but never went to the finals for Miss France. Now she's 60+ at least two sizes larger than previously, a hint of a double chin, wears a loose blouse to hid the middle as so many of us do. She is complex, utterly alive, mainly seeking a cigarette although she gave up smoking a year ago. Ms. Bercot gives depth to the story of individuals and an aliveness American movies usually don't have. I suspect the movie will not be shown many places but perhaps it'll have a life on the smaller screens since Deneuve has many fans like me. I totally enjoyed the film -- spur of the moment personal treats is a priviledge of the retired.

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