Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Laughter on a Rainy Day

April showers are one thing.  Rain that thinks it's still March is another and it's very uncomfortable.  But yesterday's cold, dreary rain was lighted in the afternoon by first my poetry class and then the foreign film series.

Only about half the usual class braved yet another nasty day but among those present we had a couple of treats.  Leslie who is new but showing both serious and fun talent, brought in a poem that was a complaint about the weather with a perfect rhythm and rhyme to match "A Few of My Favorite Things" ... not!  She read it and then the class spontanteously sang it back to her (we bring copies of our work for each person) then applauded her and ourselves. A little later, Anna, who is a musician and has in the past brought in some serious song lyrics, sometimes with a tape of herself singing and playing the piano, brought a quintessential country & western song, on tape.  The last thing one would expect from the lady with the elegant French twist hairdo.  All about heartbreak and sorrow, of course.

For real loud laughs, the foreign film series showed Waking Ned Devine, an Irish comedy in which poor Ned had the winning lottery ticket and died of a heart attack upon hearing the news. With many a ploy and some sight gags (two elderly men, by turns, riding a motor cycle naked, for example), the small town found a way to get the large lottery jackpot and share it fairly with everyone. There were appropriate subplots: a young woman courted by two men, a mean old woman on her motorized wheelchair, much drinking in the pub and some happy dancing and music making. It was a totally delightful movie and when it was over at 5:15 the rain had stopped although the sun was not going to be out all day. It's promised for today but so far the clouds are still there.



Waking Ned Devine is a fun movie -- provides lots of smiles to the viewer. Spring seems to bring rain storms. Good for the gardens. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thanks Barbara. I tried to think of the rain as a mere "April shower" but, is was more serious than a shower. But probably good for the flowers.