Sunday, April 6, 2014

Another poem: Que sera sera

April, as noted before, is National Poetry Month.  Here is a poem written for my poetry class.
It's what the class leader calls a "manifesto poem."

            Que sera sera

A telephone call, an invitation                                   
To an important conference came                              
Just at the time I needed to meet                               
Those people, just at the time                                               
I welcomed a change.                                                 

Too many say shit happens.                                     
I say serendipity happens.                                        
A telephone call, a chance meeting,                           
Sometimes nothing more than                        
Cherries in the grocery store. 
Others are planners, worriers weighing
Choices, seeking assurance,                                       
Need approval, fear the unknown.                            
Others live by que sera sera.                                    
Not impulsive, but not mired.                                   
Opportunity knocks. “Hello,                                                
Give me a minute or two.”                                         

Que sera sera isn’t winning the lottery,                   
Or sitting on your hands awaiting gifts.                    
It’s not wanting too much                                         
Or valuing too little what you have.                          
Life doesn’t owe you a damned thing .                      
Gladly take what falls in your lap.                            
Que sera sera and serendipity


Lynn Guardino said...

Great poem June and oh boy, it aligns so well with my personal philosophy. My que sera's need some work, I worry too much about the future, but, oh, my serendipity is my life line and I like to feed it regularly.


Agree with your poems words -- what ever will be will be. We think we have it all planned out and then -- what ever will be will be.

June Calender said...

Thank you, Lynn and Barbara. Frankly I don't worry much or plan much but I love arriving at a park lot just as someone pulled out of a space and leaves it for me.