Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Rockin' Change of Pace

The documentary film class has been heavy with concerns the last few weeks -- it usually is -- but  both Lili, who runs the class, and the class itself felt a need for something lighter.  A change of pace. To her surprise, said Lili, the DVD of this year's Oscar winner for best documentary rose to the top of her waiting list  in the library system.  She showed 20 Feet from Stardom.   WOW!!!!

In my world of classical music only, I have been aware that big rock stars have back up singers but I've paid so little attention to the stars themselves I actually didn't recognize by sight (No, I'm not blushing, it's a fact) Sting or Stevie Wonder and it took a couple of clips to recognize Bruce Springsteen.  I had heard some of the women's names but barely.

What a film.  What voices, what women!  They were magnificent and their individual stories were fascinating. . So many grand voices, and of course they could all dance, they wore magnificent clothes on stage, they were eloquent and forceful when they were interviewed,  They had magnificent laughs.  The movie skimmed analysis of why some could be called divas and some had solo careers -- but usually short. They were very much appreciated by the various male stars who spoke of how much they need the voices behind and with theirs. 

In about an hour and a half I made up for forty years of ignoring rock/pop music. This was a wonderful change from Henry Kissinger and the insanity of fracking. I won't change my music listening habits but I'm very, very glad my perspective has been broadened. 


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