Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Winter Day

The sun was bright, the snow was very white.  It was a lovely day, even the 39 degree weather was comfortable without a wind to chill me. We seem to be having back to back snows this winter.  Yesterday's 8 hour snowfall, was of the fluffy kind and stuck to trees turning the leafless ones into lace, the evergreens seem trimmed with ermine scarves.

The prediction is for more snow starting tonight and continuing through part of tomorrow. I truly enjoyed the beauty of today and did not even mind the five minutes it took to clean off my car.  But about more snow I'm ready to say "enough already!"

We really do have these amazing blue skies here at every time of year.  I cannot see too much blue in the sky.  As I write at 4:30 the bright blue is gone and a milky blue that looks like some of my gently hand dyed quilting fabrics stretches across my window.  If the snows come tomorrow, I, indeed, have quilting projects to keep me busy.

Plus I went to my favorite Goodwill store today and found a wonderful pair of Cole Hahn water resistant short boots in just my size for approximately a tenth their original cost. They are in wonderful condition. Considering that the boots I was wearing today were purchased nearly twenty years ago (and still have some years in them--but they are a different style altogether so I have need for both, or so I believe) these new boots will probably last the rest of my life. That could be considered a sad thought but I find it a very satisfying one. I have long looked at that brand of shoes and admired them and felt the price was too extravagant. So I consider today's find a real gift. Oh, and I also found the perfect red leather lady's wallet (Ralph Lauren brand) that matches my every day red leather purse. And while I'm gloating, I also found a used but unmarked edition of Thoreau's Cape Cod, and Henry Beston's The Outermost House -- two Cape Cod classics I actually have never read ... but will soon. 

Did I have a good day?  That's only part of it.  The free tai chi classes have begun again; the 45 minutes of mindful movement were wonderful. And then my poetry class offered both happy, lighthearted poems and very serious, beautifully written poems.  Some days are SO good... and this was one of them.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I can't wait to be reading posts of bloggers complaining about the heat. I might enjoy the snow more if only we could have a blue sky too. I'm thinking I should find a mural to cover our patio doors..even a wondrous thunderstorm would be a switch ~lol~ The snow you will get tomorrow has started here tonight.

June Calender said...

I'm agree it's been more than enough already. I can't thank you enough for sending it our way. (LOL) March is only four weeks away.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

And we have to savor those goooood ones.

So glad you posted about yours. Now you can even go back and relive it, when re-reading your blog.



June -- love days that are filled with positive activities. Your goodwill trip was so productive -- I often visit Goodwill stores myself. Here is a link that I think you might enjoy. Perhaps you are already familiar with it but if not enjoy it. It reminds me of your interests.

-- barbara

June Calender said...

The link didn't work for me, Barbara. I read a number o the blog and sites listed in your sidebar. I don't know how you keep up with everything.