Thursday, January 30, 2014

LIght and fluffy

Yesterday's snow was so light and fluffy (2-1/2 inches or so, all before noon when the sun came out) one man said he cleared his driveway with his leaf blower!  Brushing it off my car was a snap. I think I might have huffed and puffed and blew it all away.  But the cold persists.  I really don't mind temperatures in the 20s when there is a blue sky. 

This is going to be a winter to remember, I think.  I'm hoping for  no snow the early part of the second week of February as I'm planning a launch party for the anthology from the Academy of Livelong Learning called Reflections. I've worked as chairman of a committee since last June. As of Monday of this week the final version is at the printer. Until one is in my position, the myriad details that go into such a very simple publication are unknown.  I'm learning as I go.  This is my second year.  I've had a very helpful and thoughtful committee.  Some 50 people are represented in the book with prose, poetry and photography.  It's not professional quality, neither in production elements nor in material.  But it's good and mature and, I tend to think, the best one so far.  Last year I instituted a launch party  which was a success -- though it nearly wasn't because we had a snow storm which nearly set the delivery of the book back by 24 hours.  But the printer went out of his way to make it happened.  I'm hoping that this year we won't have a snow storm.  It's such an unpredictable winter I can hold hold my breath and hope.  More later about this subject.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Best of luck, with having perfect weather, for the event!!!

Mmmm, wondering why you make Dear Readers do that awful "Word Recognition" step? Do you really have to do so? Did you know there is a blog movement, to not even try to comment in blogs, with this?

Could you put Comment Verification setting on, instead? You'd still be vetting every comment. But your Dear Readers would not have to try to do this "dreaded" Word Ver. setting.



June Calender said...

Tessa, thanks for telling me about this, I know some blogs have it and some don't, but I'm really basically illiterate about the finer points. I used to hate the stupid words, but the numbers don't bother me. However I'll see if I can find the command to turn it off (I'll warn you, my patience with the blog program is more limited than my patience with the word recognition, but tomorrow I'll have a look.


I will keep my fingers crossed that a snow storm will not make an appearance for your launch party. Like the anthology idea -- barbara