Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blizzard #2 for this winter

Snow blew beginning Tuesday afernoon, through yesterday until about 2:30. It was called a blizzard. I don't know the specific definition but, as a former upstate New York resident, to me it was just a lot of cold, blowing snow.  This morning there was no snow on my car -- it had all blown off. The lot had been plowed but the pile behind my car was barely 3 inches deep.  Not my idea of a blizzard.

However, a new Academy of Lifelong Learning semester starts next week and I realized I need a poem so I'm working on one.  This may or may not be the final version. I describe the last 48 hours using a self-conscious metaphor.  The photo taken last year actually if very much like this morning's dawn except the cars in the lot have snow on them.

 Unconventional War               

Yesterday the winter warriors, camouflaged
In chiffon veils of snowflakes and wind, nothing more,
sprite-like in gauzy white flying gowns advanced
Spinning, whirling, leaping, as they danced
Rushing randomly across the lawn. They left
Their tattered flounces in graceful drifts.
The artful army secretly seeded the battlefield
With its hidden weapon: freezing cold.

Dawn arrived today, rosy-fingers giving way
to glowing gold above and glittering silver below,
colorful peacemakers promising liberation
from the aftermath of Operation Ice Invasion.                            



Operation Ice Invasion! Sounds horrific. I keep looking at the national weather and the east seems to be getting the brunt of the bad stuff. The way you describe your "blizzard" doesn't sound like the kind I remember from Michigan. MI is used to huge snowfalls, below 0 temps and the weather man on the radio saying "another cold day." And off we would go -- walking to school all wrapped up like Eskimos. I think that the weather folks are getting a bit dramatic about this weather stuff. -- barbara

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Operation Ice appropriate. I think its a blizzard when there are flurries and a sustained wind of about 40 mph. Northern Indiana had a blizzard last week. The drifting snow and sub zero weather closed schools, then the troups blew on to the east. Please don't send them back.
Stay warm.

June Calender said...

Thank you, Barbara and Carol--I think TV over-dramatizes most things, including the weather. In Michigan or Northern Indiana or Upstate New York people know how to dress warmly and don't hype every passing storm out of proportion. I must admit I took poetic license and exaggerated the Ice Invasion also.