Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Three hour snow storm

Maybe our short intense snow storm yesterday, from about 11:00 to 2:00, is probably called a "snow squawl". It arrive suddenly, was almost  a white-out for a while and then stopped, leaving pretty piles on the shrubs, outlining branches  and covering the lawn like a strangely quilted blanket with no pattern, just the bumpiness of the uneven grass underneath. The roads were never icy or dangerous. The sun is shining on the snow this morning, sparking on individual flakes so the low shrub beyond my window seems lightly sequinned.

The midday timing  somewhat messed up my plans -- I skipped going to the tai chi class, which I regret because there will be hiatus and not another class until the first of February. Fortunately, I've finally learned the sequence of  this trademarked form called Tai Chi Easy so I can do it on my own. I am trying hard to make that a habitual part of my evening routine coming between reading (when I'm home, which is usually) and then getting washed and toothbrushed before bed. It's very relaxing, the rhythm of breahing with the movement now flows because I don't have to stop and think "What next?" I can close my eyes and concentrate on the body's movement including the breath and mostly put aside random thoughts. 

I try to practice Pema Chodrun's direction for meditation.  When the mind wanders away from the breath, I tell myself, "thinking" and focus on the breath again. Strangely enough this does not make me immediately sleepy went I settle into bed. I'm usually good for a hour of reading my bedside book (usually nonfiction, sometimes poetry) until my eyes feel tired.  I think it's also contributing to nights without wakefulness in the middle although I may wake about 5:00. I don't consider that a bad thing.



June -- You certainly have your life together -- Tai Chi and meditation in addition to your movie forums that you attend plus other cerebral occupations. I decided just the other day to become more serious about my interests such as photography etc as I have been quite disrupted from staying on the learning path since I moved. It's nice to read about your practicing ways. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thanks, Barbara. Don't we all wish we were better at living our lives? I won't even go on about how often I feel I'm scattered, and inconsistent. I think your photography is gorgeous and wish I had your skill and eye. To find our own faults is to push ourselves to grow.

Lynn Guardino said...

Resolution for the new year.....establish a routine for pre-bedtime which might, might, might help me to enjoy a good night's sleep. Might. Maybe. I'll try. I might even give the Tai Chi class a try. Might. Maybe. Talk about feeling "scattered". I invented the feeling. Good seeing you today. Your quilt is amazing.


June -- me again -- just noticed your new header -- mesmerizing -- barbara