Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An early snow

We've had an extraordinarily warm and beautiful autumn.  Many trees are still red, orange, gold or bronze and holding onto their leaves.  But today the temperature dropped from the 50s in the early morning to the low 30s.  Snow began falling just at 10:00 when I went out and continued in a serious blowing spate for two  hours. Soft, wet, white, fluffy snow settled on the green and red and yellow leaves and outlined all the branches that had become bare.  It was very beautiful although I was not prepared and should have worn warmer clothing.

These two photos near my apartment show the surprised green of shrubbery and the still hardy looking vinca, partly protected by overhang at the very edge of the building.  The header picture was another nearby shrub with red leaves.  The snow is so wet, it will melt away  tomorrow unless the temperatures stay very cold.  The blue skies and beautiful autumn days will probably returned like a ballerina taking another bow.  But we cannot argue that it's not time for the gray days and barren branches of winter.  We who live in this part of the country mostly are happy to have four seasons.  Saying goodby to one does not always mean joyously welcoming the next.



June -- your snow header is sharp! Also your other photos in your post are so nice. Snow -- an early surprise for the east. I saw the weather online and it looks like a wide swath of cold and snow traveled across the plains to the east coast. Good opportunity to enjoy the coziness of your home. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thanks, Barbara. I enjoyed wrapping warm throw around my legs and settling in for an evening reading (which is, actually, usual) It's cold this morning but supposed to hit the 60s by Friday -- end of snow for now.