Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Unique B&B

 The Fodor's guide mentioned this B&B outside of Taos -- Dobson House.  From the airport one turns onto a gravel road and goes four miles toward the Rio Grande gorge, passing many apparently expensive houses on the mesa (all served only by gravel roads). The house crowns its own hill, a circlet of glass (nearly 360 degrees of windows) under a protective roof.  It is made of glass bottles, aluminum cans, old tires and lots of cement.  It is "off grid" but has city approved water.  The plan from the beginning apparently was to include two suites on a lower entry level that would provide B&B space (and income) for the Dobsons.

The term "great room" is used in all kinds of homes, but this one has a truly great room, full of books and tables, rugs, cacti in pots and views "forever".  Between the lower guest level and the private (although the great room is open to the guests) is a really grand staircase with a wonderful statue near the bottom.  It is tiled and lined with art.  The suites have very open bathrooms, a sitting area and bedroom and also fine views out broad windows.  There was an Australian sheep dog, a bit tubby and quite placid who has access to the house's roof which he patrols during the day looking for approaching traffic.

We spent three nights there. We decided after our arrival that we would make sure to be busy in and  near Taos all day, through dinner time so as to have to travel that road only one round trip a day.  The area was scrubby mesa.  John Dobson managed to terrify me the during our first conversation by mentioning the rattlesnakes and gopher snakes.  Fortunately the only wild life we saw, besides the early morning balloonists who floated up the gorge, were jack rabbits.
The middle of the night sky was starrier than any I've seen since I trekked in the Himalayas.

I've stayed in a number of unique and memorable places.  This one ranks high among them. 



June -- this seems like a lodge to remember! I agree, Northern N. Mexico has some of the most beautiful skies.
That stairway in your photo looks like it should have Fred Astair dance down it. What a trip you are having!!! -- barbara

June Calender said...

Yes, Barbara, that's a grand stairway. Joan told us she and John hacked it out of mesa and rock with pickaxes. I think it was worth all the time and sweat and pain. Plus, they've lined it with all kinds of art.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

My kind of place to stay!