Sunday, July 21, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing had, I thought-- still think -- it's perfect telling in the Kenneth Brannagh/ Emma Thompson movie over 20 years ago, which I've seen more often than probably any other movie. But Joss Whedon has made a new version in modern dress with a totally charming Amy Acker as Beatrice. The movie was shot in at some large country house in 12 days, with hand held black and white film. Acker was truly wonderful -- the others were too.  I was, for a while, confused about which man was which because it's in modern dress and all those guys in suits and ties  addled me, especially when Benedict shaved off his beard. 

But the cast was well rehearsed, the play is constantly witty and funny. I'm sorry the "ass" of a local sheriff and his cronies were difficult to hear and understand because their scenes are hilarious. Obviously it's the kind of movie that will be shown only in art houses but it's very worth seeing, the audience enjoyed it as much as I did.  I'm still  fondest of the earlier version in color and period dress but this was a great afternoon's entertainment.


Bev Sykes said...

I wondered how that was going to be. I saw a preview for it when I took my mother to see "Great Gatsby" and it looked interesting. I, too, love the Kenneth Branaugh version!

June Calender said...

We might liken Shakespeare to a wine store -- so many different merlots, in so many different bottles from so many countries, all recognizably merlot but no two alike .. and we can go on and talk about the sauternes, champagnes, etc. Which we prefer is up to us, but we're usually curious about the others.