Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rhodie time

Our flowers here on Cape Cod march through the seasons.  Right now it's rhododendrum times everywhere, great masses of them, sometimes seeming to be random like these at the border of my apartment complex, mixed in with assorted trees, stones and twigs.  They serve, to a small extent, as a sound baffle too.  Other bushes against the sides of the building seem to have been planned but these look a if they've been here since before the building was built and simply were left.  Good!

Driving around it seems nearly every home home has a few rhodies.  But then, there were two weeks in April when it seemed every home was several forsythia bushes -- and all in glorious yellow bloom.  Then came the flowering trees, including, lastly lilacs.  I know that in a few weeks the rhodies will be all green leaves and the hydrangeas will be everywhere.  Roses are starting to bloom -- the rugosa at the beaches are now starting their pink and white show.  I even saw a round little patch of mini dandelions in the lawn today and thought "here today, mown tomorrow."  Should I try to think of a poem on that theme/?

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