Monday, May 20, 2013

A Bit of Summer

Yesterday's warm sun, sparkling water and gently lapping tide was a teaser.  I walked the beach barefoot because I had seen barefoot prints off and on for the past two weeks.  I went down to the beach with shoes I knew I would not walk in--they would be full of sand immediately--and walked barefoot.  While I timidly walked on the warm, dry sand a couple came striding past me, both barefoot, along the edge of the tide where the damp sand is packed, making walking easier, but chillier.

Soon my thighs said they were tired of all the soft sand--it's a good workout for them but they protest--so I went down to the water's edge. It wasn't so chilly after all.  The sand was firm enough to leave only light prints--summer is on its way... but today the skies are gray, the grass, which needs mowing. is silvered with raindrops.  For another six weeks, I suppose, summer will come in fits and starts.

Yesterday I came home, pulled the sandals out of the trunk where they wait out the snowy seasons, and put some of the winter shoes in their place. Now I'm ready when the sun is ready.  Even the long sleeved turtle necked shirts have been put away and the short sleeved tees have replaced them in the drawers. I'm ready.  Sun, come back!

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Jonas said...

This post made me smile.