Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wonderful and horrible

Life brings sudden delights and sudden horrors -- it did yesterday.  I went to the news on my homepage and read about the 15,000 seals that have come ashore from the chilly waters around Cape Cod to bask in early sunshine on the sandy beachers of the National Seashore.  15,000!  Imagine!  All those animals lying closer than summer tourists, enjoying warmth, not fighting for territory, not annoying one another, each finding a comfortable place among the many and enjoying just the kind of peaceful sensations I enjoy in the sun. 

Then I clicked and found "Breaking News" -- it might have been called "heart breaking news" -- about the bombs at the Boston Marathon.  All terrorism is an evil; it is aimed at the innocent in order to tell all of us we are not safe.  Terrorism at an athletic event, one with thousands of people who have spent years preparing just to run -- to run, as humans always have and many of us have almost forgotten -- to push themselves to their physical edge but not to fight, outwit, out maneuver others, most do not even strive to win, simply to do their best -- that is a perversity of evil.  And the injuries to the innocents, mostly spectators ... I am wordless.

Today's poetry is an exerpt, not specifically related to these thoughts but, to me, comforting. It is by Robert Bly:

We did not come to remain whole.
We came to lose our leaves like the trees,
The trees that are broken
And start again drawing up from the great roots.



Robertt Bly's poem has somber notes. It is terrible when such events as terrorism occurs close to home, Yet, our aggressive war tones in other countries help create this. We are not innocent in this tragedy. The sadness to me is that our country plays real war games with horrible weapons in other countries. Yet, we do not know if it was domestic of foreign. But terrorism is terrorism -- results of cause and effect -- domestic or foreign or otherwise.

On to a lighter note -- much lighter -- I would have loved to see the seals sunning themselves on the ocean beaches.

Very good post -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thanks, Barbara. To emphasize your point about American making enemies, the front page of today's NYTimes not only had a story about the marathon bombings but news that an independent group confirms America's use of torture on suspected terrorists. This may make the hawks happy but it confirms to me our own moral flaws.