Saturday, April 20, 2013

Collective Sigh of Relief

Now that the Marathon bombers have been identified, and the manhunt has ended, this corner of the country -- and probably most of America -- feels a collective sigh of relief.  Oh, this is not the whole story, much more will be told, revealed, analyzed, conjectured and invented.  That's the way the news works these days.  Still we have a sense of completion and a bit of awe for the massive efforts of the law officers, a sense of relief knowing that the medical services so immediately reacted to the many injuries and a strong feeling of hope that those who were hurt, those who were traumatized, will recover in time. 

I have been reading and writing  poetry and decided to add a very light one today for a well deserved smile.  This is by Doreen Zimmerman and is called "A Page from the Diary of Einstein's Mistress"

He talks in his sleep
as mass. He's Albert's
got a baby-machine, but
she don't love him like
I do.  She pesters him to
comb his hair. I guess
she doesn't see what I see...
People say he's a genius.
They don't know
what a fool he is
for me. Best thing about Albert,
he"s got a damn good
imagination. And he ain't
afraid to use it.



You are right the press will analyse this extensively. The FBI and others like it will investigate. We will learn a little from each. People seem to naturally want answers to how this all came about. Maybe that is why the press stays on stories such as this. Now we have the online "media of sorts" (Facebook etc.) that has jumped in the fray. Somehow I do have the feeling that all the organizations and people of this country brought it all together to capture this young bomber. Without all this massive communications -- perhaps we would still be wondering how or who this all happened. It seemed like there were way too many military looking forces out there which was rather scary to me. But I am not familiar with the logistics of such force being necessary so I really won't comment on that. I do feel that we have not closed the end of this story. So in the end I will be happy to know the press will try and provide some truth to what will be the outcome and not snowball it into a brazen shout-out for profits -- your post was very reflective -- barbara

June Calender said...

Thank you, Barbara. This new electronic media seems to be openly democratic but it seems to be skewed to bring the most extreme voices forward.


Agree June -- barbara