Thursday, February 14, 2013

Storm Stories

Everyone has a story, some are of shivering for four days without power, spending most of that time in bed trying to read when there was enough light.  But many storm stories are of helpful neighbors, friends, family.  In the relatively affluent areas where most of the people I've been talking to live, usually a neighbor had a generator, or the house had a fire place that kept at least one room comfortable. 

Some have to deal with burst pipes, many discovered that cell phones are not so wonderful when there's no power to recharge them -- someone remarked to me on the second day being "powerless" -- "About now everyone's losing their cell phone power."  And it was true.  How quickly we begin to take our conveniences for granted!  How stunned we are when we have to cope without light and heat and are housebound.

The majority of people I've been talking to are older people -- my generation. They have long lost the young person's sense of adventure -- and the ability to pursue it -- when one could strike out through the drifts to visit friends, or just to enjoy a different world outside.  They are, however, philosophical and grateful for the helping hands that cleared their drives, the kind neighbors who provided a bed  while the neighbor slept on a sofa or in a sleeping bag.

And now we are putting it behind us, going on with our lives and our sense of privilege for having electricity. Cell phones, microwaves, efficient heating systems will once again become things we take for granted.  Comfort makes the memory short.



Yes, comfort does make the memory short. However, I think, once you've experienced such incidents you prepare better for the eventual second coming -- no matter the intervening timeframe. Your snow is really beautiful, unlike the city snow that quickly turns dingy gray. -- barbara

June Calender said...

Many people do prepare well, I truly didn't believe it would be that bad. The only thing I wished I had and didn't was a better book light.

We were lucky, just as the snow that melted yesterday was looking dingy an gray, we had a 2 inch blanket of fluffy new snow last night and the morning was beautiful again.