Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snail mail lives

I have a  pile of packages and letters ready to go to the post office tomorrow -- yes, letters.  I do not hand write them because my handwriting is very difficult for people to read.  -- Although a mini fuss has been brewing for a couple of days about the series of loops that the proposed new Secretary of the Treasury calls his signature. My writing is not that ridiculously bad -- his is so bad it appears to be an arrogant joke.  Mine just appears to be speed and laziness in forming the letters that become mere squiggly lines.

 I belong to an online group call Swap-bot which is really a group for people who like  a variety of crafts, from traditional -- like me with quilting -- to faddy, like the craze for zentangle style doodling.  And everything in between--embroidery, scrapbooking, jewelry making, artists trading cards, collage, paper crafts, on and on. Among the members of this fairly large group are people who like to write -- some write poetry, some prose.  A great many like to exchange postcards and a slightly smaller group like to write letters, either with an eye to finding a pen pal or just for the joy of writing letters, and for the possibly even greater joy of getting letters in the mail.  I'm in that latter group.  Actually I like the writing of letters even more than receiving - selfish though that is.  I love to have an opportunity to put my observations, recollections and peeves down in black and white -- not out there on Facebook to share with batches of people. I do write these blogs  to share with whoever might happen upon them.  But mainly I do it because I don't want to burden friends and family-- beyond what I already do--with my opinions about what I've read, seen or am mulling over. 
Those are not my hands in the photo.  The nails are too perfect and I don't wear blue polish.  I think there will always be those who don't want to fast forward to use of all the latest gadgets but are happy to stick to old fashioned writng, old fashioned books and old fashioned home cooked food.



June -- Nice that you described Swap-bot on your post. Went to the site and read some of the info. I'm going to peruse it when I have a bit more time -- looks very interesting. -- barbara

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

You don't seal your letters with a kiss either June!