Friday, November 9, 2012

Double Whammy

These are patterns in muddy sand left by Hurricane Sandy on the beach I wrote about a couple of posts ago.  We had a breather after Sandy but have just endured a couple of days of howling winds and madly choppy seas thanks to the season's first nor'easter. I suppose most of the limbs that were weak came down in the first storm.  This storm caused some school delays but no closings and only scattered power outages.  But it brought very chilly winds. I will be curious to get out there to the beach when the sky lightens again -- possibly this coming weekend. 

As a quilter I find these wave patterns fascinating. I took several photos. And, as I've also written before, I am fascinated by the man-made rock designs that multiply every summer when many people wander the beach.  These circles are small; there is a much larger circle of rocks nearby where people have chosen to put only white or very light colored rocks in the center of the circle.  I have never seen remnants of a fire in the middle which I find curious because my own impulse would be to sit before a fire in such a place.

I will be curious also if the storm of the past two days has made further changes to this vulnerable portion of the beach.  While it feels very wintery out today, I know the weather can change greatly this time of year.  In a few days it may be much warmer. 

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