Thursday, November 22, 2012

An interlude

After the recent storm and before the storms that winter will bring, today -- Thanksgiving Day -- is a beautiful, peaceful interlude.  The sky is a soft blue with a few little puffy clouds. Most trees are nearly bare but I just passed one that blazed a red I haven't seen on a maple tree in several years. I walked on a quiet beach -- along with dogs and their people and  a couple of joggers -- where tide had recently turned and was receding. The beach, part of a conservation area, is the ecological mini-verse that I watch with interest and a bit of possessiveness. The storms partly resculpted it. Today I found great heaps of seaweed thrown up as if Poseidon were harvesting his hay.  I had a quiet hour and a healthful walk.

My holiday feast will be reasonably quiet. The little boys will be with their father's family, and only little 4 year old Sophie and her teen-age brothers (my son-in-law's family) and their parents will join us. I have a little bit of cooking to do before I go and will help with more cooking once I'm at my daughter's.  But it's all low key.  It's been a low key week; I like it that way.  The next couple of weeks will be very busy.  This quiet interlude comes at just the right time.

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Your pre-Thanksgiving day sounds like my day today. Sunny with a mini touch of cool air -- probably be the last day that I will enjoy sitting on my porch. According to the national weather cooler air is headed this way. Liked hearing about your walk along the beach. Enjoy your family dinner. -- barbara