Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coriolanus, the movie

 Coriolanus was one of Shakespeare's plays I had not read. I studied in some depth last spring with a very erudite retired professor at the Academy for Lifelong Learning. I did not like the play very much.  The movie directed by and starring Ralph Fienes came out in the spring.  The teacher saw it and hated it so I didn't go.  However, my son-in-law saw it somewhat later online and liked it very much.  Last night after dinner with daughter and son-in-law, we watched it. 

I hated it.  Not only was there what seemed an excess of blood and war scenes, the actors seemed too proud of speaking Shakespearean language, and too often indulged in fiercely whispering so that if I had not studied the play recently I wouldn't have had any idea what they were talking about.  Fienes was excellent as the arrogant soldier who knew only war.  And Vanessa Redgrave -- although she whispered and hissed too much -- was a magnificently awful Volumnia, the mother-monster.  I've seen her as Cleopatra and in many non-Shakespearean roles and deeply admire her talent and craft.

Having just written the poem in the previous post, to come face to face with another Shakespearean war story is the kind of coincidence that occurs every now and then.

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I do not like war or horror movies at all. Movie makers are putting out so many it is difficult to find a thoughtful movie with a good message -- barbara