Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beach in Autum

Is it too early for Indian Summer? Today was either Indian summer or one very find autumn day. I walked the beach barefoot thinking it could be the last time this year; but hoping tomorrow will be equally lovely and I can repeat the pleasure once more. The golden rod are out and I'm so happy I have no allergies.
The sandy walk was shaded and chilly on my feet but the sand, even the wet sand where the tide was lapping, was pleasant. There are tourists in town but those who come for the beach have gone away. The dogs were off leash, the people were locals who say hello to one another. I was up early enough to step outside and see Venus shining brightly and another half dozen. What a lovely day it was.



June -- To have a beach and hear the water would be such a treat for me. I was raised around large lakes and I miss the scent, views, animal life etc. I don't understand why tourists leave the beaches as soon as a bit of coolness is detected. However it does make the walk more reflective for you.

zippiknits said...

Your picture/word tour of the beach near you is lovely.

I'm looking forward to going to look for migrant birds in the river channel at the delta into the sea, or just walking along the sand and tide pools again.

We have such huge summer crowds at beaches here but it's finally over for the year.

Faith said...

You should enter your photos in Yankee Magazine's Fall photo contest. They're too good not to share.

Le Papillon Vert said...

Another wonderful post. I really enjoyed you photos of the beach walk. I to walk my beach here on the shores of Lake Erie in Canada. I grew up on Long Island and have always enjoyed my beach walks. Ah, the sands of time pass so quickly. Our beach here is more often then not empty and is kilometers of beach all to ones self.
Hope the weather stay nice as long as possible, for some reason I think it will be a harsh winter this year.