Monday, September 3, 2012

Poem or simply a report

Rachel and I are given to occasional spur of the moment walks by the ocean or in a wooded conservation area.  We both have an ability to spontaneously stop the routines and do something that will give us delight, joy, pleasure.  Usually we walk in the morning or afternoon but a few days ago it was evening, about 6:30. The following is more a report of what we saw than a real poem, but it's an accurate report. The photo above is a morning picture of the same beach.

Evening Beach Walk

A rare evening seaside stroll
Directly into the flare of setting sun
The water side sand is tracked and broken
By restless vacationers’ tramping
Leaving the beach empty for us.
On the horizon half a dozen sailboats,
in a fading sky under a vague full moon
so pale it might be on a painted scrim.
Four spaced out gulls in standing meditation
Are unaware of people passing.

The sun sinks completely behind a pillow
Of shore trees but the sand reflects sky light
While sea-spewed mists becomes pink
As a baby’s toenail shading to mauve
As it blends into a bluer sky; the tints
reflect on the horizon. The passing day
Holds its breath, the moon has become
A round of marbled blue cheese.
The sailboats have sailed away.


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Careful of the woods. Just saw a graph of the areas consumed by deer ticks and your area in Cape Cod or straight up the coast to Maine has a lot of them. You know what getting bit by one of them means.

June Calender said...

The ticks have been in this area for quite a while. I was very unhappy about the wallop one carried but I'm not going to let a barely visible creepy-crawly scare me out of my walks.

June Calender said...
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LauraKate said...

What a lovely grouping of images! In particular, your description of the baby toenail pink, spaced out gulls, and blue cheese moon made me smile. I was transported.